I'm an American writer, artist, athlete, living in Zurich, Switzerland.

I'm also the head, heart, and hands behind Pinto & Company. 

My work focuses on how art, story, and experience come together to foster greater understanding. As an artist, I try to use color and pattern to share the beauty of the natural world. As a writer, I thrive when simplifying complicated concepts or tasks. When creating a user experience, whether it's learning a new subject or buying a scarf, I try to make the most arduous asks fun and easy.  

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I'm an artist at my core. I practice western and Japanese watercolor painting, pen and ink drawings, and will doodle with anything else I can get my hands on. Over the past year, I've been transitioning my work from print to pattern to surface designs on silk scarves and apparel. 



Creating moments of understanding for people is one if the most rewarding feelings I know. For me, content strategy is the art of linking a story together across different contexts for greater comprehension.

Pinto and Company Designs

Pinto & Co. is a company I started in 2016 using my art as the basis for a line of digitally printed silk scarves. I've built the branding, merchandizing, photography, and online presence from the ground up, including using skills in SEM to reach the top spot in search results and drive sales. Since 2016, I've explored surface design for paper goods, and swimsuits with the swimwear company Zumo.